Rain in Bokaro – Hathiya Nakshatra (2023) in Bokaro with the Highest Rainfall

Rain in Bokaro in October 2023

Hathiya Nakshatra 2023 – Rain Disrupted Daily Life in Bokaro

According to the path of the moon, there is currently a Hathiya Nakshatra (2023) phase in progress. In this Nakshatra, there has been continuous rain in Bokaro for the past three days. Its impact is evident on daily life. The pace of life in Bokaro has slowed down. Due to the holiday on Sunday, people may not have been seen, but water logging was observed everywhere, including City Center Sector 04, Sector 09, Sector 06, and other areas. Water had accumulated at the City Center bus stop, and near the BSL CJD gate, the flow of water was visible. Due to water logging, entry from certain routes was closed. According to the data from the Indian Meteorological Department, in the last 24 hours (Saturday-Sunday), the highest rainfall in the entire state has occurred in the Bokaro district. During this period, Bokaro district has received more than 1964% of the normal rainfall. Bokaro district has received 76.4 mm of rainfall, whereas the usual rainfall is typically 3.7 mm.

Four gates of the Tenughat Dam have been opened

Tenughat dam 4 gates opened

Due to continuous rainfall in Jharkhand, two additional radial gates of the Tenughat Dam have been opened, making a total of four radial gates open. According to the department, it is expected that the water level of the Tenughat reservoir, situated on the Damodar River, will increase by approximately 855.35 feet. Considering this, two additional radial gates of the reservoir have been opened. The reservoir has a capacity to hold water up to 865 feet, while currently, it is at 852 feet. The danger mark is set at 882 feet. After opening the four gates, the river is flowing at a rate of approximately 26236.7435 cubic meters per second. People have been advised not to go near the river, including their animals, to prevent any harm.

Ranjit Kujur, the Executive Engineer of the Irrigation Department, mentioned that due to continuous rainfall and the influx of excess water from the upstream sections of the dam, two more additional gates were immediately opened to ensure safety. If necessary, more gates can be opened. Local residents living along the riverbanks have already been informed about this. People are urged to stay away from the riverbanks. On the other hand, curious onlookers are enjoying the spectacle of the opened gates. When a small child was asked about witnessing this, they said that they had never seen such a sight before. Young people at the scene mentioned that this is the first time they have witnessed the opening of four gates of the Tenughat Dam due to this rainfall, and prior to this, ten gates were opened. The scene is truly captivating.

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